Thank you for your interest in supporting the Andres y Maria Cardenas Family Foundation. The AMCFF is a family based non-profit organization that relies solely on contributions from community members and sponsors to award college scholarships to deserving and ambitious students from the Northeast San Fernando Valley.   Founded in 1997, the AMCFF has awarded nearly 1,000 students with college scholarships, totaling over $1 million investment in the community’s youth. Please consider making a donation today or shop at AmazonSmile through the link below.  


Each of our IRS 990 tax forms are filed and can be accessed at


Since the foundation's inception, we have been successful in fulfilling our mission to enrich the community by providing financial assistance to students seeking a higher education. 


We are committed to raising $300,000 for the 2021-2020 fiscal year to mark our 25th anniversary. We are the largest supporter of the North East San Fernando Valley.

  • Total Scholars: 1,500

  • Total Dollars Awarded: $1,000,000+ 

  • Annual Scholars: 40+

  • Annual Dollars Awarded: $200,000 (Goal)


AMCFF covers the region of Northeast San Fernando Valley and serves the following 10 high schools: Arleta, Panorama, Sylmar, San Fernando, Poly, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Kennedy, Monroe and CCLA: Social Justice Humanitas Academy. 


Scholarships offered to any level of continued education: AMCFF focuses on potential and strength of character. As a result, the AMCFF awards scholarships to students attending all levels of continued education. Whether a student is attending a Junior College, Trade school, or 4-year University, all are recognized as respected accomplishments and eligible for a scholarship. AMCFF believes in supporting and enabling all ranges of students in achieving an education. 

Scholarship aid through P.H.D: AMCFF encourages their recipients to reapply annually and complete as much schooling as they wish. If a student is eligible, they can apply to receive funds all they way to a P.H.D. 

Educates Parents and Students about College: AMCFF host educational workshops for first generation college students and parents about all aspects of attending college. It is common that recipients are the first or only member of their family to attend college, and these workshops help prepare them for what to expect from college

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Image by Albert Vincent Wu

Volunteers are a critical component of the AMCFF. With no paid staff, the foundation operates under the direction of a volunteer working board. AMCFF also utlizies community members, family, and sponsors to accomplish all that it does. AMCFF alumni are also encouraged to participate in any volunteer efforts available. 

Volunteer your time with the AMCFF and help us in our efforts to award more scholarships to students. There are many ways you can get involved throughout the year.  If you are interested in volunteering with the Foundation, please complete and submit